bandeau chasselas

chasselas GRAPE

Its flexible clusters, its spherical grape, golden and sun-drenched, its delicate skin, its honeyed juice which explodes in the mouth do all the delicacy of this fruit.

chasselas patrimoine immateriel unesco


Chasselas GRAPE

MOISSAC, Chasselas grape: AOP (AOC in 1971, and AOP since 1996), is now included in the National Inventory of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. This delicious golden grain is a product with a unique character inherited from our land and the semi-oceanic climate conducive to its culture. This golden grain is the jewel in the crown of our world-renowned fruit production with ancestral and tasteful know-how.



The chasselas grape does not deviate from the rule and possesses diuretic qualities, facilitating digestion, and the elimination of toxins.

Particularly rich in vitamins A, B, and C, and low in protein and fat, Chasselas grapes are an excellent antioxidant, contributing to the elimination of 'bad' cholesterol. 

It helps prevent cardiovascular disease and it contains all the micronutrients assimilable by the body, lavishing its remineralizing benefits.

The Chasselas grape of Moissac is source of well-being.

The kiosk of the Uvarium

Moissac is the only city to own a "Uvarium", inherited from a vogue of uval cure in the 1930s. Built in 1933 on the banks of the Tarn, the Uvarium kiosk was at that time intended for grape juice cures. The curists took advantage of the proven benefits of the Chasselas grape, by eating vast quantities of  this fruit in the space dedicated : the Uvarium kiosk. This place of cure and relaxation was very popular at the time.

The interior frescoes, which can still be admired today, are the work of Domergue-Lagarde, a native of Valence d'Agen, and constitute a real Art Deco jewel.

Once the uvale cure (from the Latin uva, grapes). Under the name of grape therapy, it is necessary to understand the methodical and reasoned absorption of fresh grapes as main food, for a sufficiently long time. This cure made it possible to consume Chasselas grape differently and to demonstrate its therapeutic virtues.

Chasselas grape discovery booklet , download the pdf

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