between confluence and bastides

Located in a vast expanse of greenery, the village overlooks the fertile plain of the Garonne with its orchards and crops.

Founded in 1135, the central covered market is surrounded by arcades on two sides. Its outdoor leisure centre has a 400 ha stretch of water for sporting, educational and tourist activities and a land area of 25 ha, including a bird sanctuary with a wide diversity of species.

The birth place of Lamothe-Cadillac (born 1658), the museum records the life of an adventurer who founded the town of Detroit (Michigan – USA). Finally, the Richard the Lionheart’s castle, which has been largely modified over the centuries : enlarged in the 12th century, today it is an administrative building.

An exceptional quality of life is enjoyed by all, quiet, relaxation and pleasure with local facilities nearby : shops, services, restaurants and accommodation.

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Bateaux St Nicolas


  1. Richard the Lionheart’s castle
  2. The church « du Moutet »
  3. The Lamothe-Cadillac Museum
  4. The Carnaval
  5. Jazz Festival
  6. The Salicaria plant Fair
  7. The Nautical Festival
  8. Leisure Centre
  9. The Bird Sanctuary


Tourist Information Office of Saint-Nicolas-la-Grave
Place du Château
82210 Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave

GPS location : lat. 44° 3' 52" - long. 1° 1' 25"
05 63 94 82 81