Canal des Deux Mers - Canal de Garonne


The Canal de Garonne, formerly known as Canal de Garonne is a French channel small frame dating from the nineteenth century that connects Toulouse Langon near Bordeaux. It is an essential extension of the Canal du Midi which connects the Mediterranean to Toulouse. This assembly forms the Canal des Deux Mers which connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.
The work carried out under the supervision of Jean-Baptiste Baudre the nineteenth century has many books, including the locks necessary to pass in forebay and forebay canal bridges including two of the largest in France. Along the Canal des Deux Mers landscapes and various cities in the Middle Garonne succeed and works of art. The main structures are: - Locks: the channel originally had fifty six locks, plus the four locks liaising with the Garonne Castets-en-Dorthe. - The slope Montech water: this original creation, commissioned in 1974, five double locks. It is the work of the engineer Aubert, who also slope similar water Fontsérannes in Béziers, commissioning 10 years later. - The canal bridges, seven aqueducts allow the canal to cross the Garonne and its tributaries. The most important long over 500 meters and counting twenty-three arches, is the canal bridge in Agen. Other canal bridges can be crossed including Tarn (Canal Bridge Cacor) and Baise (Canal Bridge on the Baise). On one of the banks of the Canal des Deux Mers, on the old towpath, was appointed a bikeway. The latter called bike greenway Canal des Deux Mers is fully fitted and secure. You can with family and friends biking in the shade of the trees and discover the culinary and heritage treasures from Toulouse to Bordeaux.

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Canal des Deux Mers - Canal de Garonne
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