along the d'Artagnan Road

Castelmayran is evolving but memories of the past are numerous.

Traces of settlement are to be found as early as the Palaeolithic and Gallo Roman eras. In the Middle-Ages, the seigneury belonged to the family d’Argombat who founded the Cistercian Abbey of Belleperche.

Lavoir à Castelmayran Eglise de Castelmayran

The revolution saw the departure of the Lord Gourgues to be replaced by the Brunel family, soon to be the wealthiest family around who built the Castle de la Roque in the 19th century. The farmhouse, of the place known as Paris, is one of the oldest of the village, dating from 1647.

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  1. The Pigeon house
  2. 19th century wash house
  3. The bridge of the Sère river
  4. Pedestrian circuits


Castelmayran Town-hall
2 rue Jean Jaurès, 82210 Castelmayran

GPS location : lat. 44.0292 - long. 1.03958
05 63 95 43 05