Numerous artists have shown their talents as can be seen in our rich heritage. Moissac - Terres des Confluences celebrates contemporary artists and modern art but also local shops with play a vital role in the economic development of the territory!

Shopkeepers and Artisans in Castelsarrasin

For some months the town of Castelsarrasin has been carrying out a survey with a view to revitalise the town centre. Amongst the several tools used (newsletters, window posters etc), for professionals as well as consumers, the Guide to Shopkeepers lists all the good addresses! Two associations are participating in this operation to dynamite the town : The Shop Windows of Castel and Terre Blanche.

Artisans et commerçants
Rue des Arts

Artisanat Moissac

LA rue des ARTS

Our territory welcomes talented artists in a number of areas of expertise, and you can find them in their private workshops or in Rue Jean Moura (La Rue des Arts). The Association “La Rue des Arts” is a group of some 20 artists and artisans working in Moissac. In edition to the annual Fête des Arts in April, the association regularly hosts events in Rue Jean Moura, also known as La Rue des Arts as the majority of its members have their studios there. For example Marianne Minuzzi (president of the association) mosaic artist, Jean Trabalon, guitar maker, Caroline Bufkens and Laurent Malgouyres, glassblowers, Patricia Blanchet painter, as well as many others. A good initiative and a pretty street devoted to creativity.
A novel idea is “le XV des Arts”, at number 15 (address of the association) is a shop/studio/workshop which is made available to 3 artists for one year

« L’Art s’invite à Moissac » : balade artistique au cœur de ville Forte de l’engouement suscité pour « l’art s’invite à Moissac » l’été dernier, l’association Moissac Métiers d’art et de création renouvelle son opération en 2018. Une dizaine de galeries d’art éphémères ouvriront leurs portes, installées dans des locaux commerciaux inoccupés à travers la ville de Moissac. 30 artistes peintres, sculpteurs, photographes, céramistes, infographes présenteront leurs œuvres et se succéderont dans les galeries pour

l'art s'invite a moissac

“L’Art S’Invite à Moissac” (art comes to Moissac): an artistic stroll through the heart of the town. Bolstered by the interest engendered for this event last summer, the association ‘Moissac Métiers d’art et de création’ will again be present in 2018. Ten or so temporary galleries will open their doors, installed in unoccupied shops throughout the town. 30 painters, sculptors, photographers, ceramic artists, and graphic designers will exhibit their work and will be present in the galleries to discuss their work with visitors. Workshops of craftsmen will also participate - mosaic, violin maker and potters.

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Notre Lieu

Notre Lieu


Claire Couffin, Céramiste

Claire Couffin, Céramiste